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Associates of the Order of the Ascension

Our hope is that in becoming an Associate of the Order of the Ascension you will find growth in holiness of life and strengthen your own vocation. 

Our hope is that you will join us in seeking the presence of Jesus Christ in the people, things and circumstances of life through stability, obedience and conversion of life.

Our hope is that you will love and pray for your parish church. And that you will live in the parish community in a way that best fulfills your vocation and gifts.

In the 1980s and early '90s we had around 80 Associates. They came from all over the United States and a couple of other countries. We rejoice in being able to re-establish the Associates group. We hope you'll consider joining us.


Rule for Associates

The Prayer Book Pattern

The pattern has also been called the Benedictine Triangle and the catholic threefold Rule.

Our life in community, our reflection, and our service are nurtured from the soil of Office and Eucharist. The daily connection with Scripture and common prayer and the weekly receiving of Body and Blood orient us to the ways of eternity and feed us for faithfulness in our life at work, with friends and family and in civic life.

1. Participate in the Holy Eucharist on Sundays, the feasts of the Ascension, and of St Benedict. Other Major Feasts as possible in your region.

2. Regular use of some form of the Daily Office.

3. A pattern of reflection and personal devotions that fits your temperament and circumstances. To include regular intercession for the Order and the Associate's parish church, its priest and lay leadership. Intercession for the Order on January 8 and January 30 (commitment to the formation of the Order in 1983 and the First Taking of the Promise in 1988).


Read two books each year in the field of Ascetical/pastoral theology and/or organization development. In your first year read Michelle Heyne's In Your Holy Spirit: Traditional Spiritual Practices in Today's Christian Life and  Robert Gallagher's In Your Holy Spirit: Shaping the Parish through Spiritual Practice.             


In future years: At least one is to come from the reading list provided on the web site for Associates. Some years the Order may suggest a specific book and may establish a forum for conversation among Associates.


         Associate Reading List


According to their vocation and gifts, Associates engage in appropriate forms of service, evangelization and stewardship in their daily life (work, civic life, family and friendships, the parish). Make a yearly financial contribution to the Order.


How to become an Associate

1. Use the Rule for Associates for four months. Read the material on the Order's web site as a way of understanding our life and charism. Make your own discernment regarding whether being part of the Order's life as an Associate is something you are called to. Read (or re-read) Esther deWaal's Seeking God: The Way of Saint Benedict   

2. Notify the Coordinator for Associates that you have completed the discernment period and want to be an Associate. Send your name, diocese, email address, and preferred phone number. We will not post your email address or phone number on the Associate list. If you'd like to share a bit more, please do. If you are not in an Episcopal diocese because you are from another church community, please share that and we'll list that. For example, The Roman Catholic diocese of Philadelphia or the Lutheran Synod of Chicago.
       Coordinator - Mother Liz Schellingerhoudt, OA


We will send you the Associate Medal and liturgy for reception. Your name, along with that of your diocese, will be posted on the web site. 

3. If you later decide that you no longer want to be an Associate, please let the Coordinator of Associates know of your desire. Your name will be removed from the Associate list.


      Questions? Take a look at the FAQ page.

Intercession for you
Members of the Order intercess for the Associates.  From time to time the order may sponsor an Associates retreat that you'll be invited to participate in.