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Practicing Prayer: A Handbook  by Lowell E. Grisham, OA

The prayers of the Church have connected the author with something compelling, deep and mysterious since childhood. That mystery is connected to his own experience in prayer of both God's endearing nearness and God's unfathomable depths. ...This handbook takes account of individual differences and temperament and encourages the reader to experiment. Throughout, Lowell reminds us that we are "to pray as we can, not as we can't."  COST: $6.95

In Your Holy Spirit - a companion set of books

In Your Holy Spirit: Traditional Spiritual Practices in Today's Christian Life   By Michelle Heyne, OA

This book provides practical assistance to Christians seeking to deepen their own spiritual discipline in the traditional areas of Weekly Practice (Eucharist, Mass, Holy Communion), Daily Practice (Office, Liturgy of the Hours), Reflection, Community and Service. Readers will expand their understanding of traditional Christianity and how it speaks to members of the Body of Christ today.

Using ancient practices, modern adaptations, and a Spiritual Practices Map, this book will help readers form their own Rule of Life, and create their own approach to spiritual discipline and practice within the church ’s traditions.  COST: $13.95


In Your Holy Spirit: Shaping the Parish Through Spiritual Practice  By Robert Gallagher, OA   COST: $19.95

“The pattern I believe called for in our age includes a weekly and a daily practice connecting us to something larger than ourselves; practices that link us to the ancient rhythms and bring us into relationship with the baptized community. It also includes a way to recover and maintain a sense of perspective about the world and ourselves. ”

This book provides clear, practical assistance to both ordained and lay leaders who want to progress their parishes by focusing on the development of healthy spiritual life.


Fill All Things: The Dynamics of Spirituality in the Parish Church By Robert A. Gallagher, OA

A book on four models exploring the spiritual dynamics of parish churches. COST: $30.00

What differentiates this book from others is that it provides not just analysis and comprehension, but frameworks, models, and real world examples that will help church leaders move a parish community toward healthy patterns, habits, and standards in their common life and mission.  -Scott Benhase, Bishop of Georgia

Real-life, practical models that give depth and vision to the day-to-day work of leading healthy congregations.  Spiritually grounded, yet pragmatic.  May be the most helpful resource I've encountered for building a vital church.  -Lowell Grisham, Rector, St. Paul's Church, Fayetteville, AR


Power From on High: A Model for Parish Life and Development   by Robert A Gallagher, OA

Defines parish development in terms of life in Christ, and the nature and mission of the Church. Provides a broad pattern for parish life, with many practical suggestions. 89 pp. paperback.

COST: $8.00


Prayer and Prophecy: Some Reflections on the British Urban Scene   by Kenneth Leech

Lectures delivered at Yale University by one of the most respected Anglican authors on Christian spirituality, and a man profoundly involved with issues of racial and economic justice. This critique of urban ministry in Britain will stimulate the thought and prayer of Americans concerned about the Church's involvement in urban life and ministry. 28 pp. booklet.

COST: $3.50


COST: $3.50


Faith Sharing by Mary Anne Mann; Robert A Gallagher, OA


A collection of exercises to help small groups relate the story of the People of God with our own story. Helpful for community building among vestries or other organizations. 32 pp. booklet.   COST: $5.00

Conformed to Christ: Structures and Standards in Parish Development (Revised 2004)     On CD  by R.A Gallagher;  S. Benhase; M.A. Mann; A.B.Mann; P. Broadhead 


This is now a CD (the book is no longer available)


This CD provides an introduction to the ways in which establishing standards and developing organizational structure contribute to parish formation and life in the Body of Christ.  The sections describing the roles that standards and structures play in the creation of healthy parishes are followed by sample standards, job descriptions, and documents to serve as a guide for Clergy or lay leaders seeking to strengthen the life of  their congregations.

COST: $19.00 


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