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The Promise 
To seek the presence of Jesus Christ in the people, things and circumstances of life through stability, obedience and conversion of life.

Our Charism
The development of parish churches grounded in Anglican pastoral and ascetical theology, especially Benedictine spirituality. We also draw on the fields of organization development and organizational psychology. Our charism undergirds our community's life of liturgical worship, the spiritual dynamics of the Promise, and our mutual friendship.


Left to right - Jeremy Bond, OA; Lowell Grisham, OA; Gawain de Leeuw, OA;  Michelle Heyne, OA; David Andrews, OA; Bill Parker, OA; Liz Schellingerhoudt, OA; Robert Gallagher, OA; Scott Benhase, OA; Susan Latimer, OA. Royster Hedgepeth, OA is missing from the photo. 

Our work of parish revitalization is grounded in a life of Eucharist and Daily Office, community and reflection. Technical competence in parish development is necessary and will have its fullness in service only in as much as we are also people given to awe and adoration. 


One’s first duty is adoration, and one’s second duty is awe and only one’s third duty is service. And that for those three things and nothing else, addressed to God and no one else, you and I and all other countless human creatures evolved upon the surface of this planet were created. We observe then that two of the three things for which our souls were made are matters of attitude, of relation: adoration and awe. Unless these two are right, the last of the triad, service, won’t be right. Unless the whole of is a movement of praise and adoration, unless it is instinct with awe, the work which the life produces won’t be much good.  Evelyn Underhill 

                                          Gathering for Evening Prayer



2018 retreat April 16-20       at the Community of Saint John the Baptist

2019 retreat May 6 - 10       at the Community of Saint John the Baptist