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When? -

September 10 - 13, 2019

Who? -

A small group of clergy-in-charge of parish churches working together with experienced trainers/coaches

To do what? -

The emphasis will be on understanding and living a pastoral theology and strategy.  In this clinic we will focus on spiritual practice.

Our starting place is the daily life and experience of you and your parishioners. The longing for self and unity, for forgiveness and a sense of meaning. We want to explore how we as priests can do better at affirming the day-by-day "instruments of the Divine Charity" that our parishioners are in the world. 

We'll make use of several approaches that bring together the normative Prayer Book Pattern with it's discipline and rhythms and the personal and unique experience each person has of God's presence -- Our God and My God; We believe and I believe. Those spiritual maps will be used as we reflect on our personal experience and that of our parishes.

How might we do better at helping the baptized accept adult responsibility in the world and maintain a prayerful relationship with God? How might we shape parish life in a manner that respects and supports the vocation and gifts of people with family and friends, as workers and citizens? 

What rhythms of prayer -- daily and weekly -- might effectively ground people whose lives are filled with conflicting demands and pressures?

How might we as parish priests best pray given our calling, circumstances and temperament? How might we organize our time and energy in service of such an approach?

How? -

An integration of practical parish issues and Anglican pastoral/ascetical theology and strategy; with a touch of organization development.  Participants come having completed a significant course of reading. They each complete some work prior to the clinic. That work, is in part, based on the readings.

When we gather the trainer/coaches will facilitate a process in which the participants engage one another and the coaches around the assigned work and the issues and dynamics of their parishes.

Registration:  Registration by April 1, 2019 please contact Michelle Heyne. Registration considered confirmed when the $200 fee is sent to Michelle - Payable to The Order of the Ascension.

Participants: Must be the priest-in-charge of a parish church (a vicar, rector, priest-in-charge) 

Location: Queen Anne area of Seattle, WA. 220 W. Olympic Place, Apt 202

Participants: four or five

Trainer/coaches: Michelle Heyne, OA and Robert Gallagher, OA.   For more

Travel: Participants need to plan on traveling to Seattle on Monday the September 9 (or prior to that) and departing on Saturday September 14 (or a date after that).

Full Participation: No late arrivals or early departures. Present every day from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm  


Tuesday- Friday. 9:00 am - 6:00 pm  

9:00 Arrive

9:05 Morning Prayer

9:30 Work session 

Lunch - in neighborhood; working space is not available

1:15 Work session

3:00 break

3:30 Work session

5:10 walk to Evening Prayer

5:30 Evening Prayer - at Saint Paul's Parish

6:00 End for day

Beginning and ending times are firm. Other times may be revised as we go along.


Complete assigned readings. You need to come being very familiar with the material. Please read them again if you haven't read them recently.

Paths in Spirituality, John Macquarrie. His effort to bring the resources of the tradition to the his times.   Note: This book is out-of-print. With some searching you can get a copy at reasonable cost. We suggest you do that immediately.

Life TogetherDietrich Bonhoeffer.  His account of life in the illegal seminary of the Confessing Church in Finkenwalde.

In Your Holy Spirit: Shaping the Parish Through Spiritual Practice, Robert Gallagher. Uses a five element model to focus our work. Chapter Seven, "The Process of Change" will be useful as we apply all the readings and models to our parishes.

"The Shape of the Parish", Chapter Four of Fill All Things: The Dynamics of Spirituality in the Parish Church, Robert Gallagher

A Joyful Heart, Martin Thornton


Advance Work

Information Coming Soon

Reflecting on and learning from the advance work

We see this as an "action - learning process" or a bit of Action - Research. We will post a set of digital worksheets to use in reflecting upon the work you do. You will be asked to send them to us in advance of the clinic. That will allow us to be better prepared to be helpful when we gather.

Core norms

1. Arrive having completed all the advance reading and work.

2. Be present 9:00 am - 6:00 pm every day. We begin with Morning Prayer at 9:05 and end with Evening Prayer from 5:30 - 6:00.  May change start and end times as we get closer.

3. Participants need to go out to lunch each day. Michelle and Robert will not be available for private meetings during the Clinic. We work during lunch and dinner every day of the Clinic.

Each participant arranges and pays own costs -- hotel, meals, travel. There is coffee available at Cafe Ladro and Metropolitan Market on your way up the hill to Robert's apartment. Tea and instant Starbucks coffee will be available throughout the day.

Workshop fee of $200 


 If interested, see evaluation of 2018 Clinic 


Hotels in the neighborhood  - all with a few blocks


Mediterranean Inn 

Inn at Queen Anne 

The Maxwell  


Four Points Sheraton